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Why should smart locks be installed at home? What are the benefits

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With the outbreak of fingerprint lock, more and more families begin to replace the mechanical lock with fingerprint lock. The main reason is that the performance of fingerprint lock is far greater than that of mechanical lock. Why should fingerprint lock be installed at home? Now let's introduce it to you.

The house is no longer afraid of being stolen

Lock is to protect the family property safety and personal safety of the fire line, but the domestic traditional lock has been unable to meet the requirements of anti-theft, using fingerprint identification, so you can only unlock the door. Some fingerprint locks will give warning sound immediately when they are damaged by external violence, and someone will unlock illegally, which plays a good protection role.

You don't have to check whether you have the key when you go out

Now the three items are wallet, key and mobile phone. The appearance of smart lock solves this problem perfectly. Fingerprint is the key, through fingerprint comparison, combined with computer information and other technologies to open the door lock, a little finger, easy to open, convenient and fast.

Don't worry about not having the key

Intelligent lock saves a lot of complex opening steps, one step in place can open the door lock. It is changing people's life with the characteristics of fast, safe and intelligent. People are no longer worried about the key.

The above intelligent lock manufacturers for you to introduce why to install smart locks at home, what are the benefits of the analysis, I hope to provide you with a reference.

Fingerprint lock core function password, brush open, fingerprint, mechanical unlock, APP remote unlock!

Password function: input password to wake up and unlock. It has anti peeping function, and can be modified at any time if the password is leaked.

Swipe the card function: input the card information into the lock, and then you can swipe the card to unlock, especially convenient for the elderly to use!

Mechanical unlocking: unlocking with key

Fingerprint unlocking: semiconductor fingerprint head, fingerprint is everyone's unique feature, there is no risk of being stolen, copied and embezzled. It is easy to use. This product also has self-learning function. Every time you unlock the lock correctly, you will record and improve your fingerprint. The more you use it, the higher the recognition rate will be!

Remote unlocking: when and where can be free to unlock, convenient for relatives to visit, inconvenient to go home friends.

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