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What do you need to know before you buy a fingerprint lock

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Before fingerprint lock, you need to understand these problems. After understanding, it's safer and more reliable to buy a fingerprint lock. It can save you a lot of trouble because you don't know the fingerprint lock and don't know what to choose. Now it's not too late to know the secrets of fingerprint lock, which is very important for you to choose a fingerprint lock.

The advantages and disadvantages of fingerprint lock

At the beginning of the birth of the fingerprint lock, the biggest advantage is to say goodbye to the key. The manufacturer emphasizes that it can also open the door with password, card, mobile phone app and Bluetooth. The most common way for users to buy fingerprint lock is to open the door with fingerprint. The disadvantages of fingerprint lock are also very obvious. In daily life, finger peeling, cocooning and moisture will make fingerprint identification ineffective, and the applicable population is limited. For the elderly with serious fingerprint wear, children's fingerprints are not clear, and the use of fingerprint lock is not very sensitive. Recently, according to CCTV news reports, the universal fingerprint stick on the fingerprint head, any finger can steal open the fingerprint lock, which itself still has a certain security risk, of course, this risk can be avoided, you can choose the finger vein lock with higher security, the main representative is that the finger vein lock of Pushu has been put on the platform of Jingdong, and the biological characteristics inside the finger can't be copied and opened, compared with the traditional one It is more convenient and safe for fingerprint and face recognition.

Which brand of fingerprint lock is better

There are thousands of domestic brands of fingerprint lock. Those who make household appliances, mobile phones and the Internet have entered the fingerprint lock industry. To sum up, there are many brands. Big imported enterprises such as Samsung, Philips, Yale, Panasonic and Digil also make fingerprint lock. If you only talk about the big brand of fingerprint lock, you don't have to know which one. You can only say that it's preconceived and big enterprise background Of course, it is known by more people. Without understanding the fingerprint lock, most consumers will choose the big brand directly. It is suggested that we should consider the money. If we pursue high cost performance and consider more factors, we can not just say which brand to choose.

How much is the price of fingerprint lock

If you don't have to specify the purchase of fingerprint lock for large enterprises, you can choose according to your budget. According to the relevant data, the low-end fingerprint lock is less than 1000 yuan, the middle-end is between 1000 and 2000 yuan, and the high-end is more than 3000 yuan. Fingerprint lock is generally less than 1000 yuan is not recommended to buy, the relative quality of the basic is more than 2000 yuan, if you need to choose high-end brand is basically in 3000 yuan More than RMB, the price is more expensive. Of course, there are more cost-effective options. The above-mentioned intelligent finger vein lock system with higher security includes doorbell, intercom, camera, intelligent mailbox and other functions. A variety of unlocking methods are standard. It also has more practical functions that ordinary fingerprint locks don't have. For example, you can know who's coming without opening the door, and you can get faster when you're not at home Delivery, take out, and remote real-time intercom with guests.

What are the functions of fingerprint lock

When it comes to the function of fingerprint lock, different people have different opinions. As mentioned above, the most distinctive function of fingerprint lock must be fingerprint unlocking. With the development of Internet of things technology, fingerprint lock is also equipped with Internet technology and has developed more functions, such as mobile phone app unlocking, wechat unlocking, blue tooth unlocking and so on. What is emphasized is that the diversity of unlocking methods is not practical. In fact, it is like family letters Information push, low power information push, anti prying alarm function is more practical, it is recommended to choose practical function, chicken rib function is more, not only easy to power consumption, but also easy to failure.

Is fingerprint lock easy to install?

The installation problem really can't be ignored. Many consumers think it's OK to buy a smart lock and choose a good brand, function and price. They didn't expect that their own door couldn't be installed in the end, resulting in a very bad shopping experience. So before placing an order, it's best to consult the customer service to provide their own door related data to confirm whether it can be installed. For example, more than 99% of the doors on the market can be installed, Basically, there is no need to open another hole, and it won't damage your original door, and free door-to-door installation, 3000 + Service Center, 24-hour after-sales service, generally there is no problem, in case of problems can also be timely door-to-door for you to solve.

After understanding these problems, it is safe to buy a smart lock. At least you will not be fooled by the troubles of buying a smart lock. After all, unlike ordinary FMCG products, door locks have high requirements for safety and durability. You can't just consider one factor. Brand, quality, price, function, installation and after-sales are all things you need to consider. You should learn how to choose a smart lock Are you ready? Stay tuned.

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