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Teach you how to buy smart locks, these minefields must be avoided!

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        With the advent of the intelligent age, traditional home equipment obviously can not keep up with the pace of the times, far behind the smart home, intelligent door lock is the most used one One of the wide range of products, the door can be opened without a touch of the key. However, when we enjoy the great convenience brought by the intelligent door lock, the market has a wide range of door lock functions that make consumers don't know where to start at a time. For the current market of various intelligent door lock products, the small edition hereby prepared lightning protection guide for consumers, so as to avoid entering the wrong area.

        Is the smart lock just a cheap start?


fingerprint lock door lock

       There are many kinds of intelligent door locks on the market, with a variety of advantages and disadvantages, a large price span, and a variety of quality. With the occurrence of the small black box incident, many brands and products that want to gain an advantage in price have withdrawn from the market due to the lack of circuit protection and the interference of electromagnetic field. This also reminds us that the quality of electronic products which are too cheap is hardly guaranteed, and the after-sales service is relatively weak, and it is difficult to deal with the failure in time. When choosing the smart lock, we should still choose the brand with a long history and stable development. It must be reasonable to survive in the turbulent market. For 180 years, Dongjin has focused on craftsmanship and lock making process, and also has intimate after-sales service, making Dongjin one of the brands trusted by global consumers. Dongjin brand intelligent door lock is only your intimate housekeeper.

        Is the appearance of the smart door lock proportional to the performance?

biometric deadbolt door lock

        Intelligent door lock is the door of the house, and the appearance of the door must be online, but the material of the smart door lock can not be ignored. Yale's smart door lock can afford four words of sophistication. Yale door lock adopts aviation grade zinc alloy lock body in appearance, combining the two contradictory characteristics of firm and hard and light. Compared with the mainstream lock, it is more corrosion resistant and impact resistant. The lock body uses 304 stainless steel, which has higher strength corrosion resistance and greatly extends the service life of lock. The door lock is the streamline design of sports car line in appearance, with first-class hand feeling. It can absorb numerous powder with the fashionable and generous appearance. Moreover, the door lock is highly adaptable. The double lock body is optional and suitable for most doors on the market. In addition, the use of hidden lock eye can effectively prevent dust and keep the door lock clean and tidy. Yale is so excellent in design that it stands out from the smart door lock.

        Will the multiple opening methods of intelligent door lock reduce the safety factor?


lockly secure smart lock

        The answer is clearly no. The intelligent door lock provides many open ways, which is designed to provide convenience for consumers. For example, Yale intelligent lock has five unlocking methods: one is the virtual password, which does not need to be modified repeatedly, and is more suitable for unlocking in front of acquaintances, and can effectively prevent other people from memory peeping; the other is to adopt biometric fingerprint recognition technology, which must be able to open the door in vivo, not only effectively reduce the possibility of false fingerprint unlocking, but also solve the problem of low fingerprint recognition rate; In addition, it also provides mobile app, door card and key unlocking. Therefore, the diversification of intelligent lock and unlock mode will further improve the safety of home life.

        Are biometrics and facial recognition safer?

        Biometric and facial recognition are certainly a great progress in technology and also the trend. Safety must be guaranteed. But with the ingenuity of doing products with the heart and being responsible for consumers, Yale has not yet launched a smart lock with facial recognition. Yale will launch smart door locks with this feature when the technology is improved. At that time, it is believed that Yale intelligent lock with new functions will become a reliable choice for consumers.

        After a simple introduction, I believe you have mastered the lightning protection points, in the purchase of intelligent locks can be more appropriate. For many years, Yale smart home has always adhered to the principle of customer first, providing high-quality products and services to consumers. Yale smart door lock has become the best C in your home, and life is more quality and security is more secure!

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