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Refuse to choose difficult disease! Cost-effective fingerprint lock purchase coup

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The prices of things on the market are different, for example: the same mobile phone products, there are as low as a few hundred yuan old people's machine, there are five or six thousand smart machines; the same is true of clothes, the price can even be as high as ordinary unacceptable. Do people buy products with higher prices because they meet the psychological needs of pursuing grades? Think of it as possible! It's impossible for anyone to use a worthless product. Although the price is high, it's also worth the money. Next, let's discuss how to choose a fingerprint code lock with high cost performance.

1. Function

The main functions of fingerprint password lock are: fingerprint login, fingerprint deletion, information preservation, access management, alarm, emergency unlocking, etc. In addition, many manufacturers have added some additional functions, such as integrated doorbell, voice prompt, networking, telephone alarm, etc. the high-performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with LCD and other man-machine dialogue systems, with a high level of intelligence, and has the functions of guiding operation, querying door opening records, built-in parameters, setting status, etc.

2. Durability

No matter what the product is, we have to consider durability. This depends on the material of the product. The main materials of fingerprint lock on the market are aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. Zinc alloy has good hardness, high tensile strength and strong casting performance. It has explosion-proof function.

3. Intelligence

For locks, the most direct way to check is to unlock and lock. Most of the lock unlocking methods in the market are fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking and emergency key unlocking. However, there are some unique unlocking methods: mobile phone remote app control unlocking. Input the password according to the voice prompt of the mobile phone to control the unlocking. This unlocking method is similar to the bank telephone system, with high security.

The main function of fingerprint code lock is to guard against theft, but some fingerprint locks have also developed anti-theft function. By binding the mobile phone number (you can bind 6 mobile phone numbers), when the lock encounters violence or lock prying, it will automatically send a short message to the owner. The owner can know the situation at home at the first time and give the family the first time to guard.

4. Convenience

Intelligent products are a major innovation in science and technology. Most users don't know where to start with such problems as how to install, how to use and how to maintain them, let alone whether the lock is suitable for their home. So this requires manufacturers to use the standard international lock body, which can meet the requirements of most locks. Suitable for their own, easy to install, is king, bought a not applicable, again cheap is a waste. Moreover, it is to look at the after-sales service of the products. Choosing a good after-sales service manufacturer is an additional security guarantee.

5. Lock cylinder

Choose a good lock cylinder, mechanical key lock cylinder is directly related to the quality of your door anti prying and stability, this part is also very important, no matter how good the fingerprint lock is, it is ultimately inseparable from the lock cylinder. Generally speaking, powerful fingerprint lock manufacturers will choose high-grade lock cylinder, so the product quality will be guaranteed. The most obvious thing is that consumers can take a look at the number of marbles and the number of deep and shallow grades of the key, and try to choose more products with the number of marbles and the number of deep and shallow grades. The number of deep and shallow Pinball several times is the key quantity of this mechanical key. The larger the key quantity, the better the security.

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