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Is it necessary to install the panic exit escape on the escape door?

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The scene of the fire is unpredictable. First, people inhale a large amount of smoke and cause fatigue and even loss of consciousness. If it is an ordinary handle lock or ball lock for an escape door, let alone pulling down or turning the handle to push the door out. If the smoke is strong, can you open your eyes to find the position of the door lock? That is the problem. With the continuous construction of large shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and other places, the fire safety inside the building needs to have extremely high requirements, and laws and regulations require that public places must be equipped with fire escape rods.

Here we come to understand the importance of the panic exit device:

1. What is the panic exit device?

2. The necessity of panic exit device


1.       What is the panic exit device?

The panic exit device is a kind of escape device. It is mainly used in emergency exit doors of large supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, schools, factory buildings and other public places with large flow of people. It has the function of preventing outsiders from entering the interior without permission, and can also reach the emergency of internal personnel in the event of fire in case of safe escape.

There are generally two types of panic exit devices: push bar and touch bar.

The main basic components of the panic exit device are:

1-1. Latch bolt (and auxiliary bolt);

1-2. Push bar (or pressure bar)

1-3. Outer door accessories: It can be installed according to specific needs or not.

The panic exit device needs to comply with the European EN1125 / EN1634 standard, or the US UL10C standard.


2.       The necessity of panic exit device

From the legal point of view, according to the British fire protection regulations, in addition to the BS EN1125 and BS EN179 standards for escape devices, there are the following regulations for the door control devices on fire rated doors: if the building is resident with fire in which there are more than 60 workers, the escape door must be used panic exit device. Apart from the panic escape bar, no other security devices should be installed on the door.


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