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How to purchase fingerprint lock

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With so many locks on the market, how do we choose and buy them? What are our purchasing standards? Now we will introduce the selection standard of fingerprint lock.

1. Appearance panel material: as a household security door lock, it can not only protect family property, but also make family use at ease. The function of material is very important. The fingerprint lock with excellent performance integrates modern mechanical technology and advanced biological fingerprint identification technology, with multi defense design of anti-theft, anti riot, waterproof and anti-corrosion, and the structure is made of pure stainless steel, achieving high security.

2. Take care of family members: as an intelligent lock, it can take care of the use feelings of family members in daily life, especially for vulnerable groups (such as the elderly or children) in actual use, there should be a variety of ways to open the door, such as old people's memory or finger lines can be opened with cards.

3. Whether the safety of the lock cylinder is reliable: now the social problems are complex, and the security performance of the door lock is paid more attention. Fingerprint locks are generally made of stainless steel. However, some of them use single tongue, especially low-cost locks, which are not suitable for household use.

To install fingerprint lock, or to pay attention to the next method, to solve the fingerprint lock trouble, owners can refer to it. Fingerprint lock is very convenient to use, but we should pay attention to safe use when using, to avoid being used by some lawless elements, affecting the safety of the family and property.

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