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How to choose the fingerprint lock? This article is enough

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With the increasing popularity of intelligent home products, great changes have taken place in our surrounding living environment. Fingerprint lock is widely accepted by many users because of its safety and convenience. More and more homes are equipped with intelligent locks. Users who have just used or intend to use it all hope to have an intelligent lock with reliable quality and high cost performance. So how to choose a home fingerprint lock?

fingerprint door handle lock

As a household security door lock, it can not only protect the family property, but also let the family use at ease. The role of material is very important. The excellent performance of dimerca intelligent fingerprint lock integrates modern mechanical technology and leading biological fingerprint identification technology. It has the design of anti-theft, anti riot, waterproof, anti-corrosion and other multi prevention, and the structure is made of pure stainless steel to achieve high security. At present, dimeca smart fingerprint lock is carrying out crowdfunding activities on Suning crowdfunding platform. The price is more favorable during the activities. Welcome to Suning crowdfunding platform to support the purchase!

outdoor door handles and locks

As an intelligent lock, it can take care of the use feelings of family members in daily life, especially for vulnerable groups (such as the elderly or children). There should be a variety of ways to open the door in actual use. For example, when the elderly have bad memory or finger lines, they can use cards to open the door.

patio sliding door handle with lock

Now the social problems are complex, and the security performance of the door lock is paid more attention. Fingerprint lock generally uses stainless steel lock cylinder, but some use single lock tongue, especially low-cost lock, it is not suitable for home use.

door handle pin lock

We should know whether the fingerprint acquisition system is optical or biological fingerprint acquisition and identification system. Compared with other acquisition systems, biological fingerprint has strong antistatic ability, good system stability and long service life. It can provide high-resolution images and achieve fingerprint image acquisition in large areas.

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