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How to choose the electronic lock? What are the potential problems?

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Electronic lock is also what we often call fingerprint lock. It is a popular smart home appliance in recent years. Compared with our traditional lock, it has many advantages. For example, when you go out, you don't have to worry about forgetting your key. The appearance is more fashionable and convenient. So how to buy a reliable fingerprint lock? I summed up five aspects, master these five aspects, to ensure that you can buy a good fingerprint lock!


1.Choose the right lock cylinder. 

According to the difficulty of cracking, the lock cylinder will have three levels: A, B and C. Level C is the most difficult to crack, so select Level C lock cylinder. You can check it from the product details page when you buy it.

2. The choice of fingerprint head determines the key of unlocking performance. 

The mainstream fingerprint head is divided into optical fingerprint acquisition and semiconductor fingerprint acquisition. One is based on light reflection to record fingerprint, which is relatively cheap, but the recognition speed is slow, and the recognition rate is low when the fingerprint is dirty or shallow. One is the use of temperature, pressure and other principles to achieve fingerprint collection, the price is relatively high, can completely eliminate false fingerprints, even dirty fingers can also complete unlocking. Therefore, it is recommended to choose semiconductor fingerprint lock, which has higher cost performance and better experience.

3. The selection of push-pull type and push-pull type

push-pull type is fully automatic, completely relying on the internal motor to drive the locking tongue to complete the unlocking. So it costs more electricity! Press type is semi-automatic, after unlocking need to press the handle to open. Choose to see personal preferences, my family is push-pull, because I prefer this kind of full intelligent experience, very tall!

4. Virtual password: this function is mainly to avoid being peeped. 

You can add any number before and after the correct password. As long as the password sequence in the middle is correct, you can unlock it. Opening mode: it is better to support multiple unlocking modes such as key, password, fingerprint or card, which will be more convenient and practical. Electromagnetic anti-interference: This is the consideration of security, to avoid bad people through electromagnetic interference to make fingerprint lock force. This function is very important!!!

5. The comprehensive performance of copper is the best, followed by stainless steel, more stable, followed by zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, iron and so on

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