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How to choose fingerprint lock

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Security first

A lock, a fingerprint lock, the most critical responsibility is to protect the safety of the home, so even the basic security can not guarantee the fingerprint lock, there is no need to consider more other. How to judge whether a fingerprint lock is safe or not can be analyzed from the following points: first, what level is the lock body. Second, what level is the lock cylinder. Third, whether the fingerprint head is semiconductor. Fourth, whether the handle is a military free handle. Fifthly, is it true

High appearance, perfect combination of lock and door

A good lock is very important, at least it can make the finishing point. In view of the fact that the intelligent lock is a durable product for household safety, it is not a product that can be used independently. It must be installed on all kinds of doors to use together. So it is not a question of whether the lock is good-looking, but a question of whether the door is more beautiful and tasteful after it is installed on the door. An excellent lock designer, he is absolutely not designed for the lock, but for the harmony between the door and the lock, the door lock and the home. Many flashy lock designs in the market are often low-grade. On the contrary, it is similar to the smart lock of the rookie brand, such as abagou, which is valued for its simple and elegant appearance.

Intelligence does not forget the essence of security, multiple encryption is unbreakable

One of the purposes of intelligence is to make security safer, not vice versa. The essence of door lock is safety. In modern times, a door lock that can cope with complex and changeable security environment is enough to be worthy of intelligent label. However, Samsung emphasizes the safety and practical requirements of many smart locks, which have been tested for tens of thousands of times ’。

The quality does not mix water, the quality is not false

China's building materials industry is still in the state of false price, and has refused the penetration of Internet thinking mode. Generally, the price of ordinary intelligent lock is between 1000 yuan and 2000 yuan, while the price of class a anti-theft door is more than 2500 yuan. No business will sacrifice themselves and sell good products to you at a low price. Good products must have good configuration and materials. A high-quality intelligent door lock can be enjoyed by the whole family.

What we want is not function, but deep love

As you know, the designers of smart locks are trying their best to design their functions, but they completely ignore the original intention of designing smart locks: "care for human nature" and care for every member of the family. Dongjin intelligent lock is "especially convenient for the elderly and children". It has a unique design patent. It can prevent when it is touched, lock when it is prevented, and guard against thieves. It has a guard heart for every door. It also has a perfect after-sales service network, so that every consumer who has bought the intelligent lock can completely solve their worries.

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