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How to choose a good door lock

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As we all know: it's better to change the lock price for 1000, not for the miscellaneous card music for three days!

So, how to choose a good indoor door lock?

Today, Oriental hardware reveals the details of indoor door lock purchase precautions

Come and have a look!

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1) It's comfortable to hold and people-oriented

Good indoor door lock, handle must be comfortable

People's sense of using the door lock mainly comes from three movements: holding handle, pressing handle and handle springback

The handle feels comfortable and full

It is better for handle to press down gently and rebound gently


2) It looks high-end and self willed

Good interior door lock, better surface treatment, looks more high-end

Surface treatment can be divided into: electroplating, baking paint, coloring process

The electroplating surface is smooth and fine with bright color and flat without bubbles

Anti corrosion, anti rust, no fading


3) Uncover secrets 3. Heavy lifting, real talent

Good indoor door lock, better quality, thicker, heavier to carry

The material of door lock is from good to inferior

Copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and iron

Copper has strong comprehensive properties, but its price is the most expensive

Stainless steel has good stability, but the style and color are single

Zinc alloy is easy to form and has many styles

It is a common material with high cost performance


4) High standard of implementation, conscience of the industry

Good indoor door lock, implementation of higher standards, better quality, longer service life of door lock

But in China, most brands implement it

QB industry standard and GB national standard

But there are still a small number of manufacturers, small brands cut corners

The above standards are not met

So pay more attention when buying


(5) Good door lock should be silent

In the past, we bought locks with good quality

Now the standard of living has improved

The door lock should not only be of good quality and good-looking, but also be quiet

Every time you walk to the big bed in the bedroom with your tired body

Open the door quietly and shut your troubles at work

Don't worry about waking up your family by opening the door

It's the real comfort and relaxation

To know:

A meal of 200 yuan is only enough for three hours

1, 000 yuan a dress for two quarters

A 4000 yuan smart phone can only be used for two years


Can accompany you for decades

Such high cost performance

Is it worth buying?

Have you got √ all the above skills of choosing good locks? Hurry up and change the door lock for your family!

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