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How to buy a high-quality fingerprint lock

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I have been engaged in the smart home industry for more than 4 years, and I can remember the development process of fingerprint lock in recent years. From the initial optical fingerprint identification to the current semiconductor fingerprint lock identification, and finger vein identification technology, I have personally experienced the process of changes in the whole industry, and fingerprint lock has indeed brought convenience to people's life, especially those who often forget to bring the key, which is simply too difficult gospel. I have been engaged in this industry, according to my experience, I would like to share my personal experience, hoping to bring a little help to friends who want to buy fingerprint lock in the future.

1. In terms of appearance, there are straight plate, sliding cover and push-pull style.

2. In terms of material, zinc alloy is the most popular material on the market, followed by stainless steel, plastic and so on. According to my own preference, the suggestion to you is stainless steel or zinc alloy. If it's me, I will choose stainless steel and zinc alloy. You can find out what kind of material is on the Internet, because the handle of fingerprint lock is the most frequently used one. It's been a long time Will fall off paint, especially some small manufacturers in order to save costs, the consequences can be imagined. Here are also many tips, the surface of the lock is spray paint, baking paint, electroplating or primary color, too much content, you have time to their own popular science, not to say.

3. In terms of function, at present, it's almost the same. Fingerprint unlock password unlock card unlock virtual password unlock applet remote unlock key unlock mobile phone remote unlock combination unlock. At present, the products on the market basically have these functions. Just watched the 3.15 party, it is recommended to use the most basic functions.

4. The fingerprint identification module has been optical in the past few years. Since 17 years, it has gradually used semiconductor identification module. Now there are also high-end fingerprint identification modules, which use finger vein identification module. However, the price is too high for ordinary consumers to spend so much money on a lock. The suggestion to the subject is semiconductor, no matter how big the temperature difference is, it is more convenient to use, and it is more accurate and sensitive for fingerprint identification.

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