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Guide to intelligent lock pit avoidance

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With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people pay attention to home security, and smart door locks replace traditional household locks. At the same time, facing the numerous products on the market, it is difficult for consumers to choose a suitable smart door lock. Today, we will talk about how to choose smart door locks. 01 lock cylinder class

Whether it is traditional door lock or smart door lock, lock cylinder is an important part to ensure family safety. According to national safety standards, lock cylinders are divided into three grades: A/B/C, in which A and B lock cylinders have low difficulty in unlocking and poor safety, and C is the highest safety standard. Therefore, when choosing smart door locks, it is very important to choose lock cores above Class B.. 02 material selection

When purchasing smart door locks, materials are also a part that we can't ignore. Generally speaking, the outer panel material of intelligent door lock is mainly made of stainless steel, zinc alloy and copper. Zinc alloy is the most widely used material type for intelligent lock at present, which has the characteristics of easy processing and easy forming, and its hardness and strength also meet the requirements for locks.


03 multiple functions 

It is suggested that when you choose smart door lock products, you should choose door locks with alarm functions, such as low battery alarm, holding alarm, password error alarm, test ban alarm, anti-dismantling alarm, etc. This is equivalent to adding another security door, which increases the security of smart door locks.

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