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Don't ignore the doorknobs at home, especially in the kitchen! I don't believe it. Look

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In home decoration, there will be different doors in each area, and the door handles are different. Door handles are for the convenience of opening and closing doors, which is indispensable. Therefore, it is very important to purchase door handles in different areas. Let's see how to purchase door handles in different places.


There are many kinds of door handles, including stainless steel handles, aluminum alloy handles, pure copper handles, plastic handles, etc. The handles are divided into handles in different places, such as security door handles, drawer handles, cabinet door handles, etc. But no matter where the handle is, it is perfect to choose the right handle according to the decoration style and door type.


Handle of entrance door: The first choice of handle of entrance door is safety and firmness, so don't choose plastic handle when purchasing. I don't think anyone will choose plastic handle.


Handle in porch area: The decoration of porch is like a miniature version of the whole home decoration. The handles in this area include the handles of porch cabinet and shoe cabinet. The handle of the porch cabinet pays attention to its decoration, while the handle of the shoe cabinet pays attention to its functionality. Therefore, the color of the handle should be close to the single-head handle of the panel, and it is best not to interfere with the use of the family.


Handle in the living room area: in the small living room, the closed handle that pops up when pressed is the best choice for the furniture in the aisle; For the handles of TV cabinets in the living room, you can choose exposed handles with colors similar to those of electrical devices or TV cabinets. These places are opened less frequently, so choose closed or exposed handles to prevent family members from getting involved when walking.


Handle in kitchen area: The handle is frequently used in kitchen, but the fume in kitchen is large, so it is not suitable to choose handle with too many textures, and the fume stuck on the handle is not easy to clean. The handle of kitchen should be made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials, and aluminum alloy handle is a good choice.


Handle in toilet area: There are not many cabinet doors in toilet, but they are used frequently, so the handle with good quality and high switching times is the choice of toilet, and the miniature single-head spherical ceramic handle or plexiglass handle should be selected, and its color should be close to the cabinet body.


Handle in children's room: For children's safety, flat handle or handle-free design should be selected. The embedded handle seems to be designed for the handle of children's room, without protruding edges and corners, and children will not be injured when playing.

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