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Change a smart lock. It's safe and convenient. I don't need a key. I'm so happy

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Hello, everyone

Recently, there are some troubles. It seems that it is difficult for the elders to reach a consensus with us on the decoration of their houses. Most young people prefer simple styles, but they always prefer new Chinese or European styles

As a very cautious person who often forgets the key, I advocate installing smart door locks. However, they think that it is good to use traditional locks for a lifetime, so there is no need to spend too much money on them.

First of all, the most obvious point: many new buildings are equipped with intelligent locks as standard. If it is not good enough, it is impossible to promote them in large areas; secondly, to analyze the differences, advantages and disadvantages of the two

Intelligent door lock is a kind of compound lock which is improved on the basis of traditional mechanical lock and is more intelligent and simple in terms of user safety, identification and management

Therefore, from the perspective of convenience and intelligent lock:

1. Convenience

As we all know, the smart lock doesn't need to take the key with you. In the future, you don't have to worry about forgetting to bring the key or losing the key. Your family can also remotely unlock the lock for you through operation.

2. Security

WiFi intelligent door lock has a more perfect protection mechanism. You and your family can master it in time if anyone unlocks, locks or reverses the lock;

Many intelligent locks also have monitoring and alarm functions;

Moreover, in the face of more complex intelligent locks at first glance, fewer thieves are willing to take risks (except for those who use violence to unlock locks, all technologies are floating clouds in the face of violence)

1、 Safety performance


1. Lock body & lock cylinder

A lock is not safe, or mainly depends on the lock cylinder. No matter how much black technology is installed on the A-level lock, it can be opened every minute. According to the relevant provisions of "mechanical anti-theft lock", the national standard of lock cylinder in China is only limited to level a and level B, and super-B is the enterprise standard proposed by lock manufacturers themselves.

According to the security level, the lock can be divided into three levels: A, B and super-b.

Security of mechanical lock: Super B > b > A

The internal structure of class a lock cylinder is very simple, which can be opened within 1 minute or even several seconds at most;

B-level lock is more complex than A-level lock, but the time to prevent technical unlocking is only about 5 minutes;

Marbles structure lock, with a scoop, inexperienced people can also unlock in 10 seconds

Super B lock: at present, the most complex and safest lock cylinder is the key with single blade internal milling groove or external milling groove, which is the relatively safe level at present. Generally speaking, the key is double-sided double row with internal milling groove, and there is a blade or curve beside it. The area opening rate is close to zero (1.16 million parts). The bullet structure is double row blade and V-shaped side pillar locking 。 If the lock cylinder is opened with a strong twisting tool, the inner part of the lock cylinder will be damaged and locked by self explosion, resulting in failure to open.

The price is mostly in the hundreds of yuan, most of the intelligent locks, especially the professional intelligent lock enterprises, such as caddis, use super-B lock cylinder. For the sake of safety, both mechanical lock and intelligent lock, please select super-B lock cylinder.

2. Cryptography: virtual cryptography


Compared with the past, a key to open a lock, high technology makes our life more convenient. Now an intelligent lock can be opened in four or five ways: key, fingerprint, password, magnetic card and temporary password. There is no need to worry about not having a key.

Some people worry about the problem of password leakage, in front of the virtual password technology is not a matter, as long as the input password string contains the correct password can unlock, cautious people can choose to press all the numbers once, to the greatest extent prevent someone from guessing your password.

3. Fingerprint: fingerprint identification system


Intelligent lock, the earliest more people would like to call fingerprint lock. Therefore, among the many unlocking functions, the demand of fingerprint unlocking is the highest. After all, fingerprint is really too convenient as a biological key. There are two kinds of intelligent lock in fingerprint identification: optical identification and semiconductor identification.

Optical recognition

The principle is to use the reflection of light to form the shape of the fingerprint for algorithm recognition, which is commonly used in fingerprint punch machines of various companies. The advantages are that the technology is mature and stable, and the service life of components is long. The disadvantages are that the fingerprint touch pad is transparent, there is reflection under the touch pad after touching, and the recognition rate of false fingerprint is low.

Semiconductor identification

The technology is more complex. Simply speaking, the fingerprint touch pad is not transparent, and there is no reflection under the touch pad after touching. The iPhone with fingerprint unlocking function used semiconductor identification before. Considering the security performance, semiconductor fingerprint identification can effectively identify false fingerprints, which is better than optical identification, which is the reason why semiconductor identification is widely used in intelligent locks.

4. Alarm function


As far as I'm concerned, I'm more afraid of people at home but there's movement at the door than breaking through empty doors. If I'm at home alone, even if I lock the door, I'll be more worried. Therefore, it's very important for me to have the alarm function of the door lock. A good door lock can give an alarm in time under at least four conditions

Lock prying alarm: a very important function, which can prevent violent lock prying and ensure personal safety

Door not locked alarm: the door is not locked to send a reminder, very practical function

Continuous trial and error lock: forget the password, you can open the door in other ways, trial and error lock in case of trouble

Abnormal alarm of lock body: early detection and early repair of abnormal conditions such as battery failure

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