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Buy smart lock, read this article to decide!

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With the improvement of intelligent system, intelligent lock began to enter people's vision, intelligent door lock with convenience, security and other advantages has been loved by users. However, as the domestic intelligent door lock industry has no relevant standards to guide the production of intelligent door locks, there are many brands entering the industry, and the market is mixed.

So, for the partners who really want to start with the smart door lock, what aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing? Where can we buy a reliable intelligent door lock? In order to solve the doubts of consumers, the author will talk about these problems with you today.

1、 How to choose smart door lock?

For the first time to buy smart door lock partners, we pay attention to the key points in order: practicality, price, brand, material, appearance, workmanship. The following three points should be paid attention to when purchasing;

1. Look at practicality

The first thing to choose a smart door lock is its practicability. Although there are many kinds of intelligent locks and their performance is becoming more and more powerful, they are not necessarily suitable for themselves with more functions. This is not the main condition to judge whether the intelligent locks are good or not. It depends on the stability of fingerprint and password functions, which is not practical.

For example, detog intelligent lock is a professional brand created by Huizhou nuodun High Tech Electronics Co., Ltd. and committed to the research and development and service of intelligent household safety equipment. With the brand tenet of "the safety of home is higher than everything", we focus on the R & D, production, sales, installation, maintenance and operation services of household intelligent safety equipment.

2. Look at the protection of lock cylinder

When purchasing a safe intelligent lock, many consumers will pay attention to the safety level of the lock, but often ignore the safety protection device of the lock. No matter how high the lock cylinder level is, as long as there is no safety protection device, it is very vulnerable to violence when unlocking. Therefore, the high-quality intelligent lock cylinder will have a protective cover and built-in anti drill bolt and anti drill piece. In some poor quality intelligent locks, this point is often ignored due to cost reasons.

3. Look at the evaluation

Generally speaking, the quality and reputation of smart door locks are very important. You can check them online and ask your friends. At the same price, it is better to choose a more reliable brand. Because big brands have advantages in both after-sales experience and use experience.

4. Where can I buy a reliable intelligent door lock

Nowadays, the related technology of smart door lock has been improved. Many smart door locks of major brands mostly use multi track s-slot C-level true core lock cylinder, which supports fingerprint, password, magnetic card, key, mobile phone remote and other unlocking methods, as well as violent unlocking alarm. Compared with the ordinary door lock, the safety performance of intelligent door lock can be improved.

So, when we buy smart locks, where can we buy reliable smart locks? In this paper, the author suggests that consumers should go to offline physical stores to buy smart door locks. If there is no intelligent door lock product in your city's offline home appliance store, you can buy it from your chosen door lock brand flagship store or Jingdong or Taobao store authorized by the enterprise. The quality of the products you buy will be more guaranteed.

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