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Advantages of mechanical code lock

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Advantages of mechanical code lock

Today’s residential customers are looking for keyless convenience, be it as simple as a mechanical pushbutton lock or as high tech as part of a connected home, operated by smartphone. Therefore, it makes sense to offer these convenience-driven options and to be prepared to service pushbutton locks (mis)installed by DIY homeowners.

The number one advantage is convenience for your customer. Beyond no need to carry a key, pushbutton locks make it easy to grant access (a temporary user code or a more permanent code) to kids who forgot their keys, dog sitters, repairmen, the cleaning lady, your neighbor, etc. With the more sophisticated systems, homeowners can get notifications when the kids get home from school or any other time the doors are unlocked, and they can lock them remotely.

Following are some of the options for single-family residential doors,  alphabetical by manufacturer. Check with your local locksmith distributor to see which models they stock .

Baldwin. Baldwin’s Electronic Deadbolts fit standard tubular door prep and install easily with just a screwdriver, no hard wiring required. More Information: www.djdoorlock.com

Features include:

  • Two Customizable User Codes with Easy Add & Delete

  • One Touch Locking 

  • Back-Lit Keypad for Increased Visibility

  • Incorrect Code Lockout Feature

  • Low Battery LED Indicator

  • Tapered Deadbolt Design

  • Protective Coated Keypad Preventing Wear & Discoloration

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